Courage to innovate and keep improving
Always adhere to R&D as the driving force, with a senior R&D team with many years of experience.

The R&D center has more than 40 senior R&D engineers with a deep understanding of power electronics technology and electrical safety, one third of whom have more than 10 years of R&D experience.

    1. Production Ability

      The company has a modern, intelligent and integrated production line. Through the networking of computers, it can fully meet the design requirements and processing technology requirements of each product.

    1. Detection strength

      The company has intelligent high and low voltage testing equipment, and the testing personnel have obtained national-level testing certificates.

Technology Center
The talents of the company is R&D center come from many fields

The talents of the company's R&D center come from many fields, covering polymer materials, textile materials, and adhesives, with strong development capabilities and strength. Their unstoppable development pace and enthusiasm for keeping pace with the times have continuously optimized and upgraded the company's technology and opened up powerful wings for the company's take-off.

Since the establishment of the company, the general manager of the company has strict requirements for the technology center, requiring technical personnel to be "enthusiastic, dedicated, persistent, optimistic, modest, proud, selfless, and team spirit", and always be "the target of the technology center". for the sales department".

R&D Management

Operate in strict accordance with the quality system

  • 01

      Quality Assurance

      Select high-quality materials, through meticulous production, strict control of each process to ensure product quality

  • 02

      Advanced Equipment

      The introduction of advanced foreign assembly line equipment is only to improve production efficiency and product quality

  • 03

      Quick Sample

      In order to solve the problem of slow proofing efficiency, the factory established a proofing work area. Provide fast proofing service


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